Holistic breath of misting and cleansing

sharon1Skin (and eyes) breathe just like the lungs – they absorb water vapor and oxygen from the atmosphere and they eliminate waste and toxins. Skin breathing can be improved and controlled through the application of a water mist supplement such as Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water®.

Bio-Logic Aqua® Research teaches a five step holistic breathing program for healthy face skin. The process is beneficial to anyone, male or female, makeup wearer or not, old or young, fashion model or construction worker. Just remember that skin and eyes are like fingerprints – no two are identical and individual moisture needs are highly variable.

The Five Steps:

  1. Misting the face upon rising in the morning is like waking up in the redwood forest in springtime as a gentle fog rolls in. Misting the face prior to washing relaxes the skin, pulls up toxins, makes dry skin more supple and enhances cleansing.

  2. Never use soap on the face. Use a gentle liquid cleansing application appropriate for your skin type. To wash, place a small dab of cleansing lotion on your palm and apply over the face with the fingertips of the other hand. Continue until the cleanser on your palm is gone. Don’t forget the eyelids and under the chin. Pre-misting enables the lotion to spread more easily and you will use less

  3. To rinse, use a heavy wash cloth and very hot water. Wring out the cloth so it is wet but doesn’t drip. Then use the wash cloth to remove the cleansing application. Repeat four or five times, using the cloth as a compress before gently wiping to draw out additional toxins. Since the wash cloth picks up the skin’s pH, there is a benefit to using the same one for four or five days in a row.

  4. Apply cosmetics, which should always contain SPF sun protection. When the face is cleansed as described, sunscreen will go on easier and be more effective. Makeup will go on easier and last longer (be aware that skin “moisturizing” lotions are intended only to trap and hold moisture and do not add water to skin. Skin lotions are far more effective if the skin is fully moisturized with a pH correct water mist prior to their application).

  5. Mist one more time after completing your facial applications. This will humidify the makeup so it remains fresh and color-intense longer. Do not mist too closely – you want the mist to absorb, not drip.