Tai Chi, Qigong and the atmosphere

Water vapor in the Earth’s atmosphere has kept humans, and all other terrestrial life forms, alive for billions of years. The air’s miraculous water vapor content prevents our bodies from drying out and turning to sand.

Tai Chi Photo
Steve Lauer, Tai Chi instructor of 22 years with Grandmaster Hsu Fun Yuen and Professor Joseph Dodaro.

Tai Chi and Qigong – and their Chinese 5,000 year old legacies – understand the harmony of the invisible water vapor in the air we breathe. The atmosphere is our energy source and the atmosphere’s energy sources are the sun, the clouds and the airborne water vapor.

In recent years the harmony and integrity of atmosphere’s water vapor has become corrupted. Instead of a source of life and healing, the atmosphere is becoming a global health threat.

A friend of mine, an airport comptroller, points out that airplanes cannot be safely flown unless the pilot understands the behavior of atmospheric water vapor. I have also been told that a battery cannot charge without atmospheric water vapor. Without this vapor, much of what we take for granted in our daily lives would simply vanish.

Here is the reality of life on Earth: The moment a baby leaves its mother’s protective pocket of water and emerges into the atmosphere, the water in its body begins to evaporate. This process continues throughout life. Atmospheric water vapor keeps the baby alive and the struggle to maintain the body’s water supply and prevent excessive evaporation only ends when the body finally dies and dries out.

w10To continue to exist, the body must constantly recycle and replenished its water supply through ingestion and through surface absorption. In today’s world, however, the atmosphere can no longer be relied upon to provide sufficient quality water vapor for surface absorption. To fully benefit from the health enhancing harmony of natural water vapor, the vapor must now be supplemented.

Deep meditative breathing is a basic teaching of Qigong and Tai Chi because it puts the interior body in touch with the exterior atmosphere and creates a positive exchange that benefits both. On every level, water vapor is the catalyst that makes our life energy work.

There are other causes for concern about atmospheric water vapor beside the human health impact. Atmospheric conditions that accelerate body surface evaporation also accelerate evaporation from the planetary surface, most notably from soils. As soils dry out, soil microorganisms die and the soil becomes less and less productive. Healthy soil is alive just as a healthy atmosphere and a healthy body is alive.

The water vapor in the Earth’s atmosphere is itself evaporating and the consequences can be dire because our bodies require this water every minute of every day. Although Earth’s water remains abundant, it is finite and once lost, it can’t be replaced. Should the atmosphere ever become altered tow9 where our water, instead of being recycled, dissipates into outer space, as occurred on Mars, life on our planet could be doomed.

Education can save lives. That is the mission we are advocating. The mission is global and it is urgent. This tragic lack of awareness must be turned around. The most direct, simple and potentially productive weapon to combat this growing crisis is EDUCATION. People cannot act upon what they haven’t been told about. The good news: What was lost can now be found.

Education about water evaporation and Water Life Science® will not only improve individual health, it will assure that our nurturing, life giving planet will be here for all eternity. Earth is whispering, “Never say goodbye, your breath of life will endure forever.” That, to me, is exciting.