Water Life Science®

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Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® (Grants Pass, Oregon)

  Water Life Science® combines cutting edge scientific research with the ancient holistic healing arts of Qigong and Tai Chi. The objective is to acquire knowledge that can be applied to educate people to desire healthier lives in era of climate change, rapid population growth, and environmental alienation, emotional stress and disease.

I have discovered in my research that nearly every human disease ultimately traces to water and dehydration. Water is the fundamental integrating factor in all aspects of life. That being the case, my Water Life Science® discoveries are applicable to both conventional medicine and to integrative medicine and the ancient healing arts.

Make no mistake, Qigong and Tai Chi are scientific disciplines. For thousands of years, until very recently, they represented the elite health model that empowered millions to live fulfilling lives in health, harmony and peace. Today, these disciplines tend to be overshadowed by the “modern” medical approach.

I believe, as does Dr. Chow, that the two approaches are complementary. Qigong and Tai Chi represent “monistic” sciences concerned with bringing together, unification and harmony. This, to me, is at least as important as the “dualistic” sciences whose objective is to reduce knowledge to ever smaller components by creating “either-or dualities” or divisions.

To Dr. Chow and I, Water Life Science® as more than a scientific discipline or a holistic healing art, it is a way of life – a pilgrimage, a mission and a sacred trust. We invite those who share our mission to join us in creating a new lifestyle for healthier bodies and a healthier planet through Water Life Science®.